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How to retry a payment on Stripe
How to retry a payment on Stripe

Learn how payments can be retried from within Stripe.

Updated over a week ago

For any failed card payments, stripe will automatically retry the payment. There may be times however when you wish to retry a payment immediately eg. if the customer has called and advised that funds are now in their account.

To retry the payment in Stripe:

In Stora, navigate to the customer's subscription. View the invoice, and use the 'view on Stripe' button in the top right of the screen. This will take you directly to the relevant invoice in Stripe.

Press on 'Retry charge' which is located just under the invoice heading.

This will ask for the payment immediately and as soon it has gone through the pink 'Retrying' tab will change to a green 'Paid' tab. You can also select different cards that the customer may have registered.

Direct Debit failures

Direct Debit payment failures will not automatically retry so you can use the 'Retry Charge' button to try the payment again.

*Pro Tip: If the invoice has not been charged yet due to it being in Draft status you will have an option to Charge Invoice rather than retry charge.

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