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How to integrate with BearBox
How to integrate with BearBox

Give your customers automated access with the BearBox smart entry system.

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Each of your sites can have a unique customer access system in Stora. BearBox is a provider you can use to give customers access via key codes or the BearBox Control App.

How it works

When you connect BearBox to Stora, you can choose the Bearbox option you have opted for:

  • Static Pin - The pin is generated by Stora, and emailed to your customers on move-in day.

  • Auto - Bearbox generate the pin within their app. This changes each time the customer accesses.

  • App - Bearbox generate the pin within their app. This pin stays constant but can be changed by the customer within the app.

  • QR - Bearbox generate QR codes for access within their app.

You can override this selection on a subscription basis if you wish to change the access type.

Integrating BearBox with Stora

If you've decided to or are already using BearBox, there's nothing that needs to be done by the Stora team to integrate it. You simply need to enter a couple of details into your Stora Backoffice system.

How to connect a site to BearBox :

  1. Visit your sites page in Stora and press the edit button for the relevant site.

  2. Find the customer access section and select BearBox from the dropdown.

  3. Fields for "External site ID", "Sync username", "Sync password" and "Default zone number" will appear and must be filled in. BearBox will provide you with these details.

  4. Once entered, scroll down and save the page.

How to connect your units to BearBox:

In the BearBox system, each of your units will have a unique BearBox Number. The correct BearBox Number must be added for each unit in Stora, to ensure Stora can communicate with your BearBox system.

You can enter these when you are first setting up your units to the BearBox Number fields in Stora, or by editing the units afterwards.

Please note: the Stora Unit ID fields for each unit do not need to be the same as these BearBox Numbers, but keeping them the same makes your life easier. If you change these numbers in the BearBox system your integration will no longer work. If you do so, please get in touch with us as will update them to reflect your changes.

Once all of the above is done, let us know and we will sync the units across to Bearbox.

We recommend placing a test booking and using the BearBox details from your move in email at your location, to ensure the integration is working correctly.

With your smart entry integration now set up you might want to consider setting up -autolocking units when customer payments fail. You can learn more about auto-locking here.

ANPR (Number Plate Recognition)

Within the customer's subscription you can add their car registration to work with Bearbox ANPR cameras. You can enter it into Car Reg the below field. (Please note a unit must be allocated for the system to work.)

**Choosing site option AUTO and using ANPR is not compatible.

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