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Understanding invoice workflow status
Understanding invoice workflow status
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All invoices on Stripe move through different statuses from the moment they are created to when payment is made. The status of each invoice is displayed next to it on Stora.

Here is a quick guide to explain what each status means:

DRAFT: This is the starting status for all invoices that are created in Stripe and during this time the invoice can still be edited. Any draft invoices that you create on Stripe will be displayed in Stora. You can either finalise it which will change the status to OPEN or you can delete it.

OPEN: The invoice has been finalised and is awaiting payment. You may find this status next to invoices that are being retried due to a previous failed attempt.

PAID: This invoice was paid.

VOID: This invoice was created by mistake and should be cancelled.

UNCOLLECTED: This invoice is unlikely to be paid and should therefore be treated as bad debt in your account. You can either void or pay the invoice.

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