How to set up a blog

Learn how to create a blog home page and articles.

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To start, select Online Store in the sidebar and then the Pages link. This is where you'll create all your Blog pages. To start we're going to create a Blog Index which will list all of your Blog Articles. Press Add a Page, once here give it a title, URL (usually just blog) and some initial content then Save.

Setting up blog articles

Now we'll create our first article. Press Add a Page again. This time give it the name of your article, and the URL must be blog/your-article-name with no spaces, all lowercase and use dashes to separate words. Once you're done save, you can always come back and edit later too.

Connecting your Blog Index with Articles

The next step is to add your articles to your Blog index. Find your new article and press the View button to the right, this will show your article on your website.

Go to your web browsers toolbar at the top and copy the URL for the page.

Now go back to your Stora Pages, and press Edit on the Blog Index. In the content section, type in the name of your article, then highlight that text and press the Link button. Paste your Article URL into the field that appears and press Link. You might also want to press the TT (title) button whilst this is highlighted to make the link nice and big. Save your changes.

Once saved press View on the right for your Blog Index . You'll see your Blog with your article linked. You can just repeat this process to add as many Articles as you like. Feel to add any other content to the Blog Index too as you see fit.

Finally, add your Blog Index to your Header or Footer

The last step ensures your visitors can find your blog. Go to your Store Settings, then find the Navigation section and press Edit Navigation.

From here you can add any link to your Header, Footer, or both. They work exactly the same, select Add a Link for either. Next give it a name, and enter the URL you gave your blog. On this occasion be sure to add a forward-slash before it eg: /blog. Hit create and that's it!

You now have a link directly to your blog. If you like you can repeat this process for any other types of content too, like pages for FAQs, or the types of storage you offer.

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