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What happens when a customer's card payment fails?
What happens when a customer's card payment fails?

Learn how Stripe retries subscription payments and about automatic overlocking.

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When Stripe is unable to collect a card payment from one of your customers an automatic retry schedule is kicked off, you don't need to do anything to chase the payment or communicate with the customer unless you want to.

The customer will be notified when the payment fails and informed it will be recollected. Should they need to, they can login to their "My Account" section on your Stora Storefront and press the "View Payment Details" button, to be taken to a page where they can enter new card details.

Stripe's retry schedule

This retry schedule is customisable by you from your Stripe Subscriptions Settings page. By default, it usually retries up to 4 times within 2 weeks, using machine learning to intelligently retry the charge when it's most likely to be successful.


If you have a smart entry system set up with Stora, you can avail of our auto-overlocking feature to have customers' access removed until they pay. This is set up from your "Site Edit" page. You can choose to have it happen instantly or give them a grace period of your choice before the overclocking occurs.

You and the customer will both be notified of when an auto-overlock has been applied.

When the customer's payment succeeds, the overlock is instantly removed and the customer is alerted that they have access to their unit again.

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