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Collect leads for a Unit Type instead of bookings
Collect leads for a Unit Type instead of bookings

How to collect customer contact info instead of a booking when interest is shown in a unit type.

Updated over a week ago

Ran out of a specific unit type and no longer want to let customers book it? Rather than taking it offline, Stora lets you set it to collect leads instead, and automatically emails those who have shown interest when it becomes available again. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Visit your site and select the unit types tab, then press edit on the unit type you wish to set to collect leads.

  2. Go down to the Storefront Status section, and select "Collect leads for this unit type instead of bookings" then save.

Once you have, when you visit this unity type on your Storefront you'll see all actions have changed to "Get Notified", and when selected the form asks for the visitor's name, email and phone number instead of booking info.

You'll get emailed when someone completes this form. You might want to contact them and see if you can suggest an alternative arrangement to complete the sale.

When the unit type is available again, simply edit the unit type Storefront Status again and it will be right back to collect bookings.

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