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Add custom text to customer move-in emails
Add custom text to customer move-in emails

Learn how to add your own message with move-in information for each of your sites.

Updated over a week ago

Stora automatically sends your customers an email on the morning of their move-in with instructions on which storage unit they are in and how to access your facility.

Since your customers may need to be aware of unique information related to your site(s), we let you add custom text to these emails.

How to add custom move-in text

  1. To start, visit your Site and press 'Edit'

  2. Find the Customer move in' section

  3. Here, you can turn on the custom move-in message and write your own text

  4. Save the form, and it will be instantly included in all future move-in emails

Please note you can have unique text for the move-in email of every site you operate.

Placement of custom message

Below, you can see an example of where the text is placed within the email.

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