Tailor how tax is displayed

Learn how to show prices inc or ex tax and set up a tax toggle for your Storefront.

Updated over a week ago

Stora gives you freedom to choose how you display tax on your Storefront. Here's how:

Display tax including or excluding tax

From your Tax Display Settings page, you can set if tax should be displayed by default on your Storefront to include or exclude tax.

You can also choose from here if there should be a label after each price on your Storefront to indicate if it is inc. tax or ex. tax.

Let website visitors toggle tax on or off

You can also give your visitors the option to see prices with or without tax, by enabling a tax toggle. The tax toggle is part of your Info Bar, sitting at the top of all pages on your website when enabled. You can turn it on or off at anytime from the Info Bar editor.

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