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How to reset your password

Learn how to reset your Stora password.

Updated over a week ago

Resetting your password for Stora is easy. Visit the Stora login page. Select "Forgot your password?" and then enter your email address. Your reset instructions will be sent to that email. Press the button in the email and set a new password.

I haven't received my email?

Please check through these points below:

  • Check your Spam/Junk folder as it may have landed in there.

  • Are you using the Stora back office site to log in? (i.e. not the customer-facing website)

  • Check you are using the correct email address, i.e. the registered email address. Have you changed the email address recently?

  • Search 'Stora" or 'Password rest' in the search bar for your email client. (Occasionally new emails can get added to older threads with the same subject)

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