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Create one-off Invoices in Stora
Create one-off Invoices in Stora

Learn how to charge your customers for one-off items outside of subscriptions.

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You can create one-off invoices within Stora to charge for extra items. These can be anything you like, for example charging for Padlocks, Cleaning fees or deposits etc.

How to create an invoice

1) Select the invoices tab and press 'Create an Invoice':

2) Under 'Who is it for' select the customer you wish to charge by typing their name in the search box. Please note you can only set up an invoice for someone who is in the system as a customer, not a lead.

Select the applicable site under 'Which site is it for'.

3) You can now opt to either:

  • Email the invoice to the customer with a payment due date of Today, Tomorrow, 7 days or 30 days.

  • Select and charge a card on file immediately

4) Next type in a description of what you are charging, the quantity if more than one, and the price. You can also opt to add tax if applicable. Select 'Save Item' to add the line item. You can add another item if needed and a note in the 'Memo' should you wish to add a custom message to the Invoice.

5) When you have selected 'Save item' and have added everything you need you can select 'Create Invoice' to finalise. Depending on what you have chosen, this will either charge the customer's card automatically or send them an invoice to pay.

What will my customers receive?

If you send your customers an invoice to pay via email they will receive an email like the below, which enables them to pay instantly with a card by pressing the 'Pay Now Online' button:

If you charge their card automatically they will receive an email receipt similar to the following:

Pro-tip: You can also go to a Customers contact page, select Invoices and Select 'Create an Invoice' to create one for them.

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