If you have chosen to use the Stora Identity ID verification as part of your check in process this article will help you to familiarise yourself with the customer journey.

Customers complete this from within their account, i.e. the 'My Account' section at the top of the Stora storefront.

It is a simple, guided step by step process that the customer undertakes.

Customer identity process

Customers can access this process from their booking confirmation email or by logging into their Stora account. (i.e. the 'My Account' section of the website). The below process shows the journey for a customer choosing the driving licence option.


When completed the customer will get a confirmation email, and Stora will update their account, and their Contact page in Stora to show they have completed the verification. If the check failed this will also be reflected and they will be asked to try again.

What to do if an identity check fails

Occasionally customers have issues whereby the ID fails. Below is a list of common issues to check with the customer before they retry:

  • Ensure there is enough light without shadows being cast over the ID/Face.

  • Ensure photos are not blurry or taken from an angle.

  • Ensure the customer is looking straight at the camera and not taking a photo from any angle.

  • Check it's a valid ID, in-date and not a photocopy.

  • Check the customer has allowed access to their camera when prompted and that the phone's permissions are not blocking access.

These articles from Stripe support may also help with troubleshooting any issues:

If you have further issues send a message through the Stora chat.

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