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How to deal with auto-sync errors
How to deal with auto-sync errors

Learn what might cause a Smart Entry auto-sync error and how to resolve issues.

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If you're using a Nokē, BearBox or PTI Security smart entry integration with Stora, you may at some point encounter an auto-sync failure. This guide will help you to troubleshoot any issues.

My auto-sync has failed - what should I do?

  • Check that your smart entry connection details are correctly entered on your Edit Site page.

  • Check that each unit has an associated ID which matches the ID attached to your Unit in your smart entry system.

  • Ensure your smart entry provider has added all of your Units to their system. You will need to inform them about any new Units which have been added.

  • If you have provided zone information on your Edit Site page, make sure this is entered correctly on your Edit Site page and on each Unit.

  • Things outside of your control can happen from time to time. Occasionally, the smart entry provider may be experiencing downtime with their API. If this is the case, the issue will generally resolve itself once their API returns to service.

  • If using PTI, check that your dropbox application is still open and running on the server. If not, re-open the dropbox application.

If issues persist please contact support through Stora.

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