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Invoices in Stripe
Change Invoice Status in Stripe
Change Invoice Status in Stripe

Learn how to change the status of an invoice to Paid, Void or Uncollectible

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Occasionally you may need to alter the status of an invoice within Stripe on a customer with a card paying subscription. This can be relevant to customers who may owe you money and you're not seeking payment, or if a customer pays via a different method that month after their card payment failed.

Please note you should only do this as a last resort, when you can, always try to edit in Stora first.

Navigate to the customer's subscription select the invoice in question.

This opens up the invoice fully. Select the 'View on Stripe' button in the top right corner. This will bring you straight to the relevant invoice in Stripe.

Select the drop-down menu 'More' and select 'Change invoice status'.

You can then choose the status that's most applicable. Select 'Update Status' to confirm.

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