Importing Existing Customers

Learn how we can help import your existing customers into Stora

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We can import customer data into Stora to help you with the process of bringing over existing customers. It will create a 'lead' which means when creating a subscription the customer information will be available to choose and simplifies the subscription creation process.

  • Fill out the template and return it to us in csv format. Please take note of the criteria below as ill formatted templates will delay our ability to upload.

  • Download a copy of the template here. Select File > Download > .csv

Please note the following formatting criteria:

  • Essential Data: Email, Customer Name. (If the customer does not have an email, please enter a unique one for the purposes of creation e.g.,

  • Please do not edit the column headers.

  • Home phone numbers can be inserted in the 'Note' column. (Mobile number will still be required, but you can use a placeholder number 07777777 etc.)

  • Duplicate emails. If a customer has multiple units, we only need to create one customer entry. Numerous subscriptions can be added under one customer in Stora.

  • Ensure no spaces within the data email entries. i.e. customer@gmai

  • If using the Marketing Source, Business Type please use the options included in the column header.

  • You can add useful information such as the customers unit number or landline number to the 'Note' column.

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