How manual payment subscriptions work

Learn how to manage subscriptions being paid by Bank Transfer, Cash or Cheque.

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When you set up a subscription that's not transacted via Stora (Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer or other) customers will instead be emailed an invoice every month on their payment date reminding them to pay by the method selected. You can then go into Stora to mark each of their invoices as paid, once you have manually verified they have been.

How it works

Manual payment subscriptions must be set up via the Create a Subscription form in your Backoffice.

Select your manual payment of choice from the options of Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Other. They all function the same.

Once selected, you can optionally include payment instructions such as your bank details.

The invoice will be sent to the customer each billing period on their renewal date. It includes a link to a payment form where they can pay that specific invoice one-off by card should they choose. If they do, these invoices will be automatically marked as paid in Stora.

You'll get an email too to remind you to check for payment on all invoices that are now due/overdue.

Updating invoice status

You must manually verify that each invoice has been paid to you. Once you have, you should go into Stora update the status of each invoice as paid to keep your Stora transactions and data up to date.

To do so, find the relevant Invoice in Stora by navigating to the Invoices tab on the subscription, or in the sidebar and open it.

When the Invoice status is Open, or Overdue you can press it to change it to Paid, Void or Uncollected.

Understanding invoice statuses

OPEN: The invoice has been finalised and is awaiting payment. You may find this status next to invoices that are being retried due to a previous failed attempt.

PAID: This invoice was paid.

VOID: This invoice was created by mistake and should be cancelled.

UNCOLLECTED: This invoice is unlikely to be paid and should therefore be treated as bad debt in your account. You can either void or pay the invoice.

Send a receipt

Should you wish to send a receipt to the customer after they have paid via bank transfer etc, you can do so in Stripe. Click into the invoice in Stripe after it's been marked as paid in Stora, and you will have the option to send receipt.

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