How to integrate with PTI

Give your customers automated access with the PTI Security smart entry system.

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Each of your sites can have a unique customer access system in Stora. PTI Security is a provider you can use to give customers access via key codes.

Note, we only currently support the PTI.DAT integration for StorLogix.

How it works

When you connect PTI to Stora, unique pin codes are automatically generated for each customer and emailed to them on their move in day. When their move out date passes their pin code will no longer give them access to your facility or their unit.

Integrating PTI with Stora

If you've decided to or are already using PTI, you can follow the steps below to get set up:

How to connect a Site to PTI:

  1. Visit your sites page in Stora and press the edit button for the relevant site.

  2. Find the customer access section and select PTI from the dropdown.

  3. You can then optionally set a default zone (eg: 24/7 access) that will apply this zone to all units by default.

  4. Once you're done, scroll down and save the page.

How to connect your units to PTI:

In the PTI StorLogix system, each of your units will have a unique Unit Name. The correct Unit Name must be added for each unit in Stora, to ensure Stora can communicate with your PTI system.

You can enter these when you are first setting up your units to the PTI Number fields in Stora, or by editing the units afterwards.

To find these, open StorLogix and select Setup โ†’ Setup Units in the StorLogix menu.

While editing the unit in Stora it is also possible to override the default zone, if required.

Going Live

In order for Stora to send data to PTI, we make use of Dropbox, and will also need access to the computer that has the StorLogix software installed.

We'll arrange a call with you to get things set up, in advance please do the following:

  1. Create a Dropbox account (the Basic free account is all you need), and install it on your StorLogix computer

  2. Install and set up TeamViewer, the platform we use to get remote access to the computer to assist with the integration. Please have your ID and password ready for us to use too.

When you're ready contact Stora support via the live chat and we'll get schedule the call to get everything hooked up and working.

Using PTI in Stora

Once all of the above is done, press the "Sync to PTI" button under "Units" to sync your unit details with PTI.

Please note you will need to press "Sync to PTI" every time you change your unit details/unit allocation.

Want to auto-overlock late payers?

With your smart entry integration now set up, you might want to consider setting up -autolocking units when customer payments fail. You can learn more about auto-locking here.

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