How much does Stora cost?

Learn how much it cost to use our all-in-one self storage platform

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Stora gives you everything you need to market, sell, manage, automate and grow your self storage business.

If you've yet to open, Stora is completely free until you are live for bookings. Meaning you can get all set up with no charge.

For the full use of Stora there are three payment plans you can choose between depending on the stage of your business, you can view the cost of these plans on our pricing page. Each consists of a fixed monthly fee, Stora transaction fees + Stripe payment processing fees.

Plans can be changed between at any time. For Enterprise-scale businesses get in touch to discuss other pricing options.

Stripe fees explained

Stripe is your payment processor providing tonnes of value behind the scenes to enable invoicing, recurring billing, ID checks and more. Here's how it's charged:

Payment fees

Stripe takes a transaction fee for all card, direct debit or SEPA payments. This varies depending on your country.

Learn more about Stripe Payments and its pricing for your country.

Billing fees

Stora uses the Stripe Billing Starter product to facilitate invoicing, recurring payments and automatic payment retries. Stripe charges 0.5% on all subscription payments through the Stora platform.

Learn more about Stripe Billing and its pricing.

Identity check fees

When you use Stora Identity, there is a per-verification attempt fee. Check below for pricing in your country.

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