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Setting up Storefront payment methods
Setting up Storefront payment methods

Set up your Storefront to collect Card payments and/of Direct Debits/SEPA payments.

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With Stora, you can get paid on your Storefront by Card, BACS Direct Debits (UK) and SEPA Debits (EU). This guide explains how to set up each Site in your Storefront to use the payment method(s) of your choice:

Setting up Direct Debits

The first step is to get in touch and request Direct Debits are turned on as this feature is currently an opt-in beta.

You can have different payment methods for different Sites. To select your payment method(s) select your Site and visit the Edit Form.

Scroll down until you find the Storefront payment methods section. Here it's as simple as toggling on the payment methods you wish to offer and then saving the page. Everything will be instantly set up with no further steps required.

How it works on your Storefront booking form

If you choose to only offer one payment method, your booking form remains as it is with no mention of the payment method. Your potential customer will be taken to the relevant Stripe payment page when they press ‘Confirm Booking Now’.

If you offer both payment methods, the potential customer is asked to choose which they prefer on your booking form, and then taken to the relevant Stripe payment page.

That's all there is to it, Stora and Stripe will handle the rest.

Please note:

As with all Direct/SEPA Debits, it can take up to 5 days for a mandate to be set up by the customer's bank. This is out of our control and means a customer could book to move in and have their mandate set up fail, or the first payment fails after they’ve moved in.

Should you choose to offer Direct Debits from your Storefront, we recommend you don’t allow customers to move in for at least 5 days. You can change your customer move in date range from your Site edit form. If you need to alter the bank account details you can cancel the subscription and create a new one with the updated details.

Card payments always result in an instant success or failure which is why we recommend using them to ensure the best, least friction experience for both Operator and Customer.

This is currently an opt-in beta release. If you’d like to try it out please get in touch.

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