Update Invoice Template

Learn how to add your VAT number, add memos and update your invoice template

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Within Stripe you can edit useful information regarding your invoices.

How to add a Tax Number to invoices

You can add your Tax number to all invoices within Stripe. Here's how:

  1. Select the settings cog in the top right, and then Billing.

  2. Select Invoices and scroll down to the Tax Information setting. Select the appropriate country and add the tax ID. This will add the number to all invoices going forward.

Adding Memos

You can also add other information to your invoices such as your bank account number for manual payments in the Default Memo or Default Footer sections. Select Invoices and you will be able to add these items.

Updating the invoice Template and Logo

Select Invoices, and then click on Branding Settings to access the settings for updating the invoice template and logo.

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