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How to operate multiple limited companies with Stora
How to operate multiple limited companies with Stora

Learn how to use Stora when different companies operate different sites

Updated over a week ago

Some operators have sites under the same brand but owned by different companies. These are a few options to navigate this

One Stora Account

Use one Stora account and one Stripe account, have money for both sites paid out to one bank account, then run reports via Stora or Stripe to work out how much of the payouts should be sent to the bank account of the other company.

You'll need to run reports and move money but you'll be able to take advantage of the Stora website and monitor both sites from one Stora account.

Two Stora Accounts

Set up a second Stora account and a second Stripe account for the other registered company. Build your own homepage with links to booking pages for your two separate sites on the two separate Stora accounts. You'd need to manage the sites from the separate Stora accounts but this offers a cleaner accounting perspective.

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