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Learn how your day-to-day Home dashboard works

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Upon logging into Stora, your Home screen welcomes you with key business information, an overview of your progress, and pending actions. You can then click through for more on each section and to perform any required tasks. Here we'll break down what you can find on your Home screen.

Business data

The top section provides insight across your sites.


The current occupancy of your sites with a trendline of the past 30 days. It clicks through to more detailed, filterable occupancy data.

Month-to-date revenue

The sum of all invoices generated in the current month (after discount, including tax) with a trendline of the past 30 days. This is all open (paid and unpaid invoices). The number resets each month. It clicks through to a filtered list of the invoices that make up the total.

Awaiting payment

The total outstanding balance on all open invoices. This number is not limited to the current month. For an invoice to be removed from this total it must be paid or void. Click on it to get a filtered list of just those invoices.


Actions auto-populated by Stora to help alert you to something that should be done.

New Storefront leads

If a lead form has been submitted on your Storefront in the past 24 hours those leads will be highlighted here. Clicking the action takes you to a filtered list of the new leads.

Move ins to allocate

Any upcoming subscriptions that have yet to be allocated will be highlighted here. Click through to see just those subscriptions.

Move outs to deallocate

Any subscriptions whose move-out date is in the past but still have an allocation will be highlighted so you know to deallocate them. Click through to see just those subscriptions.

Active subscriptions to allocate

Any active subscriptions that have no current allocation will be highlighted here. Click through to see just those subscriptions.

Today in your Site(s)

This section is Site specific data. If you have more than one Site you'll find a dropdown on the right enabling you to switch which Site's data is shown.

Site Map

A preview of your Site Map with the status of each unit. Click it to see the fullscreen interactive Map.

Move ins and move outs

A list of all move-ins and move-outs that are occurring today or in the future for the selected Site. Click on a customer's name to see their subscription and take action.

Unit availability

A list of your unit types, their price and availability. This list gives you quick access to this key data which you can pull up when discussing options with a potential customer.

That's your Home screen explained! Let us know if you'd like to see something else on your Home screen.

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