Automate unit reservation

How to auto-reserve units for new Storefront bookings, and auto-allocate on move-in day.

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Enable One Minute Move-Ins by automatically reserving units for new Storefront bookings. Available on our Automate plan.

How to turn it on

Visit your Sites page, select a Site you wish to turn it on for, and visit the Edit Site form. Scroll to the bottom to the Automation section and turn on the toggle for Auto-reserve units for Storefront bookings and save the form.

How it works

When a new booking comes in from the Storefront, Stora will select the highest unit number, of the unit type booked and reserve it for the customer.

  • If the move-in day is today - The customer's unit will move to Occupied, and they will gain access and be sent move-in instructions with their unit ID immediately.

  • If the move-in day is in the future - The customer's unit will be reserved. On move-in day, the unit will automatically move to Occupied and they will be sent access instructions.

Good to know

  • If there are no units of the unit type booked available, an auto-reservation will be unable to take place. You will be notified by email of this, so you can take manual action.

  • The unit allocated will be the next numerically available unit of that type.

  • Stora selects the last available unit of the unit type booked in order to keep your lower-numbered and usually higher-value units available. You can see the order of the units of a unit type by selecting the unit type in Stora.

You can use this feature alongside Auto-availability of unit types to automatically stop anyone from being able to book an unavailable unit type from the Storefront.

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