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Automate away repetitive tasks, gain deeper insights into your business and more.

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Unlock the full power of Stora with our Pro plan. It will save you dozens of hours every month by automating away repetitive tasks, and help you gain deeper insights into your business that drive growth with Advanced Reporting and more.

Benefits of the Pro Plan:

Interactive facility maps

Create interactive maps of your units. Match your facility layout, see live unit status and manage directly from the map.


Enable One Minute Move-Ins by automatically reserving units for new Storefront bookings. Stora will select an available unit of the unit type booked and reserve it for the customer. If their move-in day is today, they will get access immediately. If it's in the future, they will be automatically given access on their move-in day.


Never forget to remove a customer from their unit. Let Stora automatically deallocate any move-outs at the end of their move-out day.


Always be confident your unit types are set up on the Storefront to reflect their availability. Let Stora automatically switch the status of your unit types from ‘bookable’ to ‘collect leads’ when a unit type is full. Once one becomes available again, it will automatically switch back for you.


Utilise your smart entry system to its fullest and increase your chances of getting paid by automatically removing access from customers who fail to pay. Auto-overlocking removes access from a customer on the date their payment fails, or after a grace period of your choice, and emails them to let them know with a payment link. When the customer pays, it automatically removes their overlock and reinstates access.

Advanced reporting (Beta)

Our new reporting center enables you to drill into your data and gain insights to help you make decisions that grow your business. It's super flexible, letting you instantly switch between your Sites, select date ranges, group by different time periods and export to CSV as required.

Reports included:

  • Net sales over time

  • Gross sales over time

  • Rate per sq ft/m over time

  • Occupancy over time

  • Recognised revenue by type

  • Recognised revenue over time

  • Allocated sq ft/m over time

  • Unit type occupancy over time

  • Average unit type occupancy over time

  • Customer source over time

  • Marketing source over time

  • Customer source

  • Marketing source

Any new reports we create in future will be included too. Let us know what you'd like to see!

Multiple billing periods

Set up as many billing periods as you like. Easily get paid every week, 4 weeks, month, 3 months, 6 months or year.

Pop-up forms

Create a fully customisable pop-up form that appears on your Storefront at exactly the right moment to help ensure you don’t miss a potential customer.

Early access to new features

Become a member of the Early Access Space in the Self Storage Community. As an Early Access Member, you'll gain exclusive access to new Stora features and have the opportunity to discuss them with us and other members in the community space.

Want to try it out?

Visit your Account and Billing page in Stora to start a 14-day free trial of the Automate plan.

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