Automate unit deallocation

How to auto-deallocate units for moved-out customers.

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Never forget to remove a customer from their unit. Let Stora automatically deallocate any move-outs at the end of their move-out day. Available on our Automate plan.

How to turn it on

Visit your Sites page, select a Site you wish to turn it on for, and visit the Edit Site form. Scroll to the bottom to the Automation section and turn on the toggle for Auto-deallocate move outs and save the form.

How it works

If a subscription is still allocated at the end of a customer's move out day, Stora will automatically deallocate the unit from their subscription, making the unit available to be reserved or allocated again. If you're using a smart entry system, this means the customer's access will be automatically revoked.

You will be notified by email of an auto-deallocate, so you can verify if it is empty / clean if you wish.

Please note that if a unit is in an overlocked or repossessed state, they will not be auto-overlocked, and you must manually remove this and deallocate as required.

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