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Auto-update unit type availability
Auto-update unit type availability

Automatically change the Storefront status of your unit types between bookable and collecting leads.

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Always be confident your unit types are set up on the Storefront to reflect their availability. Let Stora automatically switch the status of your unit types from ‘bookable’ to ‘collect leads’ when a unit type is full. As soon as one becomes available again, it will automatically switch back for you. Available on our Pro plan.

How to turn it on

Visit the edit form of a unit type whose Storefront status you'd like to update automatically. Scroll down to the Storefront status section and toggle on Auto-update Storefront status then save the form. Stora will then take control of the updating of the Storefront status. Please note, this feature must be turned on for each unit type individually.

Should you wish to change it manually again, you must first turn off the toggle.

How it works

When turned on, Stora will reflect the availability of units of the unit type on the Storefront:

  • Unit(s) available - If one or more units are listed as available in Stora, the unit type will be Bookable on the Storefront. This means a visitor can book and pay online.

  • No unit(s) available - If no units are listed as available on Stora, the unit type will be set to Collect Leads on the Storefront. This means the visitor is told no units are available and shown a form to get notified when it becomes available again.

As soon as availability changes, the Storefront status will update to reflect.

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