Is you printer connected to power?

Yes? Perfect!

Check the lights on you printer display.

BLUE: It seems that the printer is not connected to our cloud, so it is a local connection issue. Can you please check if the cable is connected to the router and printer securely?

GREEN FLASH: The IP address cannot be obtained. Confirm if the printer was setup correctly.

RED: It seems your printer has run out of printer roll. Do you know how to change it, or do you need assistance with this?

Need to reset the printer?

We recommend resetting the printer to factory settings and start over. For that, follow these steps:

Turn the printer off and follow this process:

  1. Insert a pen or a fine point tool into the RESET hole on the back of printer. While holding down the RESET button, press and release the POWER button.

  2. Continue holding down the RESET button until the green Network LED on the front of printer flashes. Release the RESET button once the green Network LED is flashing.

  3. Press the feed button to select which communication interface(s) you would like to reset. (LAN, Bluetooth, or both)

  4. Once the desired interface is blinking, hold down the FEED button to confirm selection.

  5. The printer will be re-initialized with factory default settings

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