To set up one or more delivery zone fees

  • Go to your Stores page on left hand side

  • Click on store settings

  • Go to Delivery Zones > add delivery zone

  • Add Delivery fee

Setting Delivery Fees by Zones

You can add multiple delivery zones and subsequent fees to a single store. This means different fees will occur at increased distances. Those fees don’t “add up” – that’s the total fee for that zone.


In the above screen, the delivery fee for zone 1 is set at £2.50 at 4 miles. Zone 2 is set at £3.50 at 8 miles. For this store, an order from less than 4 miles away will pay £2.50. An order from 4.1 miles away will pay £3.50 delivery. An order from 8.1 miles away will be told they are too far away to order.

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