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How to setup store QR codes with pre-applied discounts
How to setup store QR codes with pre-applied discounts
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An awesome way to boost sales is by creating promotional discounts. To save customers time from entering the code themselves you can have them auto-applied.

You would need your discount code and store URL.

To set up your discount code go to the dashboard and click on Discounts on the left-hand side. Click here to learn more about discounts.

Your store URL can be found by going to Stores and clicking on the store name.

A new window should pop up with your store URL.

Follow this format:

Store URL + discount/discount-name

For this example I will be using a test store with the discount 'trial'.

Once the link is opened, it will say the discount name on the screen, and they can order with the discount auto-applied.

Now to create your QR code.

Click here for the link:

Once you enter the custom URL, a QR code will be generated - you can use it for fliers or other promotional materials.

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