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Free Delivery Type Discount
Free Delivery Type Discount
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In our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional service and value to our valued clients, we are thrilled to introduce our latest enhancement โ€“ the Free Delivery Discount. This exciting new feature is designed to bring convenience and savings directly to your customer's doorstep, making their ordering experience even more enjoyable.

To begin, you will need to Create a discount. Click the "Discounts" tab located on the left-hand side of your storekit dashboard. Enter your desired discount code and description (exclusively visible to administrators), and if applicable, define a start and end date.

  1. Select your delivery store

  2. Select 'Free delivery' under 'Discount' type

The delivery fee will be waived using the discount code you've created on Checkout.

You also have the option to set up a minimum spending threshold. This strategic choice can effectively boost your revenue from delivery orders.

New*: You can now limit the number of redemptions per individual customer, with identification based on their email address.

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