Circulate important notices with staff and see who has read each notice and when. These notices are strictly accessible to staff only.

How to Change Staff Noticeboard Settings

If you have permission to view and edit Staff Noticeboard Settings, you will see a wheel/cog icon at the top of the Staff Noticeboard page. Click the wheel to view and edit these settings.

Staff Noticeboard Settings

Toggle the switch next to each line item on/off as you see fit:

  • Service User tagging: Do you want staff to be able to tag Service Users in notes they post?

  • 'Read by' Staff: Do you want staff to be prompted to mark a note as ‘read’?

  • Note Flagging: Do you want staff to be able to flag a note as important?

  • Note Tagging: Do you want to enable ‘tags’ to be applied to notes (if turned on, tags can be created and managed in the section below)?

  • Time Started: Do you want the notes to have a start times?

  • Time Ended: Do you want the notes to have end times?

  • Require Times: Do you want to make it so that adding start and end times is a requirement for notes?

  • Allow Future Dates & Times: Do you want staff to be able to enter dates and times in the future when adding notes?

  • Prefill Date and Time: Do you want to make it so that the note pre-fills with the current date and time when posting?

How to Add Tags to Staff Notices

From Staff Noticeboard Settings, scroll down to where you see Note type tags.

Staff Notice Tags

To add a new tag click on the + button.

Give the tag a name and pick a colour for the tag.

Click on the green disc icon to save your changes.

Once saved, you will be able to apply any of these tags to a Staff Notice when posting.

How to Check Staff Noticeboard

When you log in to StoriiCare, you will see a red number icon on the Staff Noticeboard icon. This number indicates how many new, unread notices you have. Click Staff Noticeboard to view them.

Staff Noticeboard Notifications

New notices will be highlighted. Please click on the checkmark to record that you have seen and read the notice.

New Staff Notice

How to Create a New Staff Notice

To create a notice, type your content into the text box. There is a variety of rich text options to use. You can:

  • Create bullet or number lists

  • Create tables

  • Link to another website if referencing something

  • Highlight important information in red or blue

  • Add custom tags from the drop down menu

Writing a staff notice

When your notice is complete, be sure to hit the Save button in the bottom, right-hand corner of the text box.

How to View Who Has and Hasn't Read Notices

Depending on your permissions, you will be able to see who has and has not read staff notices. To do this, click on the text in the bottom, right-hand corner of the notice where it says '(number) people'. 

Where to click to view who has read the notice

Who has read this notice

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