Overview functions like a face sheet of sorts. 

In overview you can see:

  • Visual Description of the patient
  • Risk Scores (these pull in automatically from completed Assessments)
  • Active Medication
  • Medical Conditions
  • Activity Preferences
  • Other important data (marital status, ID numbers, allergies, admission date, etc.)
  • Important Contacts (Next of kin and Doctor contact details can be selected from a drop down menu in Overview if they are entered into the service user's Contacts section. To do this, click the orange pencil icon next to 'Summary')
  • Admin Summary

Clicking the three dots icon will allow you to expand a list to see the full view.

How to Make Edits in Overview

Wherever you see a pencil icon, edits can be made. 

Simply click on the pencil when you want to fill in or change information.

When you are done, click the orange check mark to save your changes.

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