You are now able to create Subtasks on the StoriiCare Tasks feature. Subtasks enable multiple tasks to be scheduled within one main task for completion. Subtask groups can also be saved as a template to be re-used on future tasks.

Use cases include:

  • Setting intake/onboarding subtasks when a new Service User is added.(e.g. 4 Assessments and a Care Plan to be completed)

  • Creating a multi-process task such as 'Breakfast' which may require multiple tasks to be complete before it can be marked as completed.

Actions can now be applied to any subtask. Actions enable staff to complete an entry on StoriiCare without leaving the tasks feature. Actions available at current include 'Log a Measurement', 'Fill a form' and 'Review a Care Plan'. Once subtasks set up, and specific actions are selected (e.g. Log a Measurement (Blood Pressure)) staff will be able to click the action directly from the task view, and enter the required data from the same page.

To create a subtask, follow the process of creating a task as normal - once the task title has been selected, select the 'Add Subtasks' option towards the bottom half of the task view.

You will be presented with the option to add a title, set a description and set an action for your subtask.

If setting an action, you will have the option to Log a Measurement, Fill a Form or Review a Care Plan.

You will have the option to add multiple subtask sections, in addition to adding a title to each subtask section if required.

Subtasks sections can be saved as Templates, which can then be loaded in the future to be used in other tasks.

(Load a template view)

Once subtasks are setup, they can be marked as complete by selecting the checkbox next to each subtask within the standard task view. A percentage completion bar will display showing up-to-date progress of subtask completion.

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