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How to Login to Storii
How to Login to Storii

Here's everything you need to know about getting logged in to your Storii profile.

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➡ How to Login to Storii

Storii does not require a smartphone or access to the internet in order to receive Storii phone calls. However, you do need internet access to view a Storii profile and listen to call recordings or adjust scheduled call times.

Storii profiles are easily accessible on most devices. Log in using your browser ( or the Storii Family App (accessible in Apple and Android App stores).

To Login:

  • Enter the phone number you registered with in the username field

  • Then click the 'Send phone login code'

This will send you a one-time 6-digit verification code via SMS or phone call

  • Enter the 6-digit verification code and Login

Please note that the verification code is for one-time use only. You will need to generate/send a new one the next time you are prompted to log in.

How to Login with an Email and Password on Storii

If you would like to change your login credentials to an email username and password, you can do this once logged in to your Storii account using the method above. Please see these articles for instructions:

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