In this guide, learn about:

1. Editing a child's details
2. Group story settings
3. Supporting transitions by inviting another service or a school
4. Exporting a copy of a child's profile

5. Archiving a child from your Storypark community
6. Restoring a child's profile

Edit a child’s details

If you are an Admin (this article explains how to make a teacher an Admin), you can edit a child’s details or archive the child from your Storypark community on the child’s profile page.

  1. Click on the menu at the top of the page.

  2. Click the ‘Children’ link under your early learning service's name.

  3. Find the child who you’d like to edit or archive.

  4. Click the little arrow on the top right of that child's panel and select 'Edit' from the drop down menu.

Tap on the relevant field to edit the child's name, birthday, gender and profile image. Any changes you make will be applied instantly after you tap on the save button:

Group stories setting

Group stories are stories that include two or more children's profiles.

Admins have the option to choose whether or not the child can appear in group stories or not at any time.

By default all children can appear in group stories, but if you talk to the child's parents and they have privacy concerns around other families seeing their child you can turn this option off.

If turned off, all educators at your service are prevented from selecting this child in a group story and can only create individual stories for them:

Support transitions by inviting another early learning services or a school

Before your children head to another early learning service or to school, you can can invite their future teachers to Storypark so they can share the child’s learning journey. If they accept your invite they’ll have the same access to the child’s profile as your early learning service and be able to contribute to the child’s learning journey within Storypark. To learn how to invite a new early learning service or school please read, ‘Transferring children between early learning services'.

Export a child’s stories and notes

If you have stories written about the child, you may want to export their stories using the export options at the bottom of the form to keep them on file. This article explains how.

Archive a child from your Storypark community

You can archive children from your Storypark account by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking 'archive'. This doesn’t delete the child and their stories from Storypark, it simply archives them from your early learning service’s account. The child’s family will still have access to the child’s profile and stories.

Restoring a child 

Please see our Help article: How do I Restore a Child?

If you accidentally archive a child you will have 90 days to restore them to your service.  You will need to have a free space available to be able to restore them.

Note: If you archive one child from your account you then have a free space to replace them with another child. At the start of your next billing cycle if you want to change the size of your plan by adding or removing children you can do so.

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