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How is Suite Storage different from a NAS?
How is Suite Storage different from a NAS?

Compare Suite to Network Attached Storage (NAS) - instant scalability, remote access, and managed infrastructure.

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Suite Storage (Suite) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) are both storage solutions but have several key differences.



Instant file access & updates

Single Source Of Truth

Access from anywhere

Suite can be worked off of and accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

A NAS server can be set up to be accessed outside of a local network however, is generally limited in speed to be used for slow transfers.

True Horizontal Scalability

Suite maintains performance and provides the same bandwidth to each user regardless of how many users are added.

A NAS server's performance can decrease dramatically depending on the number of users working off of it concurrently.

Instant Storage Scalability

Need to add 10TBs to your Suite Drive?

Suite automatically increases storage as files are added to the drive. Storage can also be reduced at any time.

Need to add 10TBs to your NAS?

A NAS server requires purchasing a new drive as well as going through the installation process to increase its storage capacity.

Backup Protection

Suite offers out-of-the-box protection. By operating on some of the most renowned cloud providers in the world, Suite comes with built-in redundancy as well as a point-in-time filesystem recovery mechanism (Time Machine).

A NAS server can be set up with a fairly robust protection system depending on the expertise of the installer. This however can be costly and often, fundamental security and redundancy flaws are overlooked.

Only pay for what you need at any given time

Suite operates on a flexible subscription-based model, allowing users to only pay for what they need.

NAS servers require an upfront investment to purchase the hardware as well as an additional investment as storage needs grow.

No management required

Suite handles the backend infrastructure, maintenance, and updates for its cloud storage service eliminating the management burden on users.

NAS servers require local management, including initial setup, configuration, firmware updates, and ongoing maintenance.

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