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How is Suite different from traditional cloud storage?
How is Suite different from traditional cloud storage?

How Suite outperforms traditional cloud storage by offering instant access to large files without syncing or downloading.

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Sync solutions (introduced by companies like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive) are a way of keeping files synced across multiple devices by having copies of the files in different places. This method works fine for individuals with small files and casual sharing needs however, as file sizes and data sets get bigger, it becomes less effective and impractical for production environments.

Sync solutions can be problematic and inefficient because users have to download and sync files repeatedly across multiple locations, which wastes time and resources.

Suite Storage, on the other hand, integrates directly with the file system on your device and is built to make cloud storage behave like a NAS. It provides instant access to data regardless of size or distance, without the need to sync or download, which is a huge advantage for those working with large files or in remote working situations.

Suite's Key Benefits

  • No need for File Syncing or Downloading: Suite streams files, providing instant access as if they were on your local drive.

  • Speed and Performance: Suite is purposely designed to work well with large files to provide fast streaming access to your media. Unlike common sync solutions, Suite never throttles your downloads - no matter your internet speed.

  • File System Access: Suite seamlessly integrates with your device's file system, making cloud file management as smooth as handling local files.

  • Files Don’t Take up Local Hard Drive Space: With Suite, you don't have to worry about running out of hard drive space. You can access and work with an unlimited number of files without being limited by physical storage constraints.

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