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Getting started

Not sure where to start? Jump in here!

Workspace setup

Set up your workspace so you can stay organized, collaborate, and start driving your company forward.

Account and profile

Customize your user profile and set a strong password to keep your Surfboard safe and secure.


Make sure you’re always in the loop by managing the notifications you receive for activity in your workspace.

Managing users

Make the most of Surfboard by inviting your team, board members, investors, and advisors to collaborate with you.


Your dashboard keeps track of everything that happens in your workspace, from company objectives and recent activity, to upcoming meetings and pending tasks.

Company updates

Share asynchronous updates with your board and investors to keep your momentum going outside of board meetings.


Use Surfboard to schedule meetings, outline agendas, prepare materials and manage RSVPs.

Board approvals

Easily generate and complete board-related approvals—from important votes to meeting minutes—to create a single source of truth for company decisions.


Leverage your board’s network and expertise to help you get faster access to funding, talent, and customers.

Data room

Your data room allows you to upload, manage, and share files in a single, convenient location.


Pool your network to quickly identify valuable valuable connections.


Collect feedback from your board and investors between quarterly meetings.

Surfboard AI

Use Surfboard AI to write drafts, improve your writing, fix typos, identify action items, and translate posts into other languages.


Connect your financials, open positions, and CRM pipeline to automate workflows.