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QuickBooks integration
QuickBooks integration

Save time on financial reporting: connect to QuickBooks and Surfboard will automatically update your financial charts.

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Key benefits

  • Spend less time keeping your financials up to date: Connect your QuickBooks account and Surfboard will automatically update your key financial metrics such as cash balance, total expenses, and total revenue.

  • Easily share financials with your board members and investors: Customize how your financial charts will be displayed. Share them as a dynamically updated dashboard on your Surfboard home page, or include them as snapshots in your company updates or board meetings.

How it works with QuickBooks

Surfboard seamlessly pulls in your cash balance, total expenses, and total revenue metrics and generates charts based on them. You can customize the chart display and share them with board members and investors on the Surfboard home page and in financial updates. This automates financial reporting work and saves you time when keeping stakeholders informed.


Go to the Settings tab in the main navigation, and select Integrations. Click the Connect button under QuickBooks to log in and connect your account.

Disconnecting QuickBooks

To disconnect your QuickBooks account, click the Disconnect button from Surfboard or within your QuickBooks account. You can reconnect anytime.

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