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How to use Surfboard AI
How to use Surfboard AI
Written by Sara McCaskey
Updated over a week ago

Using Surfboard AI as your personal board secretary

Surfboard AI can help you accomplish all sorts of tasks. Just click on the Surfboard AI button at the bottom of the main navigation and type in your request.

You can ask questions like:

  • When is my next board meeting?

  • What topics should I include in my company update?

  • Who is the most active member of my workspace?

Or make requests like:

  • Help me draft a company update

  • Schedule a new board meeting.

Creating content with Surfboard AI

You can use Surfboard AI to write or edit content for an Ask, Update, Meeting, or Approval. Just click Draft with AI and choose an option from the dropdown menu. Surfboard AI will prompt you to insert the necessary content based on the option you choose.

Once Surfboard AI has completed your request, you can insert the content into your draft, ask Surfboard AI to try again, discard the content, or type more instructions into the text box.

You can also use Surfboard AI to edit existing text. Just highlight the text you want to edit and click Draft with AI in the text editor.

You can use Surfboard AI to do the following tasks:

  • Write a company update

  • Create a retrospective on your company objectives

  • Share bad news

  • Improve writing

  • Fix typos and grammar

  • Make longer

  • Make shorter

  • Continue writing

  • Find action items

  • Explain this

  • Translate

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