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Setting company objectives
Setting company objectives
Written by Sara McCaskey
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You can add company objectives to your workspace from the Settings tab under Admin tools. Click on Objectives at the top of the page then click Add a new objective.

Under any objective, you can add subtasks for tracking more granular progress towards your goals. Just click How will you work towards this goal?, type the name of the subtask, and it will be automatically nested under the corresponding objective.

By default, new objectives will be listed as On track. You can update the status of your subtasks and objectives by clicking the dropdown menu on the right side of the objective name. You can update task status directly from your Dashboard or from the Settings page.

View company objectives history

You can view a history of your company objectives to help you better keep track of the progress you’ve made. To view your history, click on Settings under Admin tools and go to the Objectives tab at the top of the page. Click on View all changes in the top right corner to open your history.

If you want to restore a previous version or delete something from the change log, click the three dot icon next to an individual change.

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