April 2022

Intuitive. Secure. Organized. New File Management in Connect.

During a board design project, teams often create, collect, and share many files: datasheets and drawings, fab quotations, design review notes, and more. Typically these files are exchanged by email and then saved on a local network folder.

Connect's new File Management capability gives your team a place to easily organize all of your project files in one secure location. No more searching through emails or file folders trying to find the latest information. Teams can stay organized, aligned, and on track and with the following new capabilities:

  • Secure project based file storage and sharing

  • Intuitive drag and drop file(s) upload to cloud workspace

  • Create folders and nested folders for easy organization

  • Quickly view images and PDFs with the embedded file viewers

  • and much more...


How it works

Each project in your collaboration space now has a new Files view. Under the Files view you can upload additional files that are relevant to your project. All users with access to your project will be able to use the new Files view. Users with the Admin or Editor roles will be able to upload and delete file content. Users with the Viewer role will be able to view and download files only.

Upload files

To upload files to your project you can either select the upload command from the toolbar, or simply drag-and-drop a file from your desktop into Connect.

View files

Currently PDF and image files can be viewed directly in Connect. To view a file, select the file and then select the view command. The view command will not be visible in the toolbar when unsupported files are selected.

Download files

Users can download one or multiple files by selecting the desired files and then selecting the download command. To select multiple files hold the Ctrl or Shift keys while selecting the desired files. When multiple files are selected they will be downloaded as a single <projectname>.zip file to your desktop.

Create folders

Folders allow you to organize your files to make them easy for others to find. Folders can can be nested allowing you to create multi-level file organization. To create a new folder select the New Folder command. In the right hand panel enter the folder's name and select Done. When navigating into folders and nested folders you can use the breadcrumb trail to navigate up to parent folders or the root directory.

Move Files

To move a file to a different folder select the file then select the Move command. In the right hand panel select the desired target folder and then select Move. To move a file from a folder or nested folder back to the root level select the file, select the Move command, then select Move Here in the right hand panel.

January 2022

Happy New Year! Here's something shiny to kickoff 2022

ECAD Visualization

Reviewing designs has never been easier. Connect's new 2D viewer enables rich schematic and PCB visualization right in your browser, nothing to download and no desktop viewer required. Connect makes viewing designs easy for the whole team.

  • View schematic or PCB individually or in side-by-side view

  • Cross probing

  • Measurement tool

  • Layer visibility control

  • Gray mode

  • and much more... check it out!

December 2021

Happy Holidays! 2021 may be winding down, but we're continuously winding up cool new capabilities for Connect. Check out these time-saving productivity elements and the new integration of Findchips real-time component sourcing intelligence powered by the Siemens acquisition of Supplyframe. Enjoy!

Check In Comments

Make sure your teams are always aware of the latest design changes. When checking in a new project version you can now include comments to summarize the changes that were made to the design. When the Notify your team option is selected all project members will receive an email notification including the check in comments.

Note: PADS Professional VX.2.8 Update 8 or later is required in order to use Check in Comments.


How it works

When checking in a project from PADS Professional Designer or Layout a new check in dialog includes a comment box where you can enter a summary of the changes that were made to the design.

​The Notify your team option is selected by default. Once the Check In command is selected the design changes will be saved to Connect and email notifications will be sent to your team.

Check in comments are also available in Connect so any user can see what changes were made to any version of the design.

Connect also keeps project administrators informed when other team members make design changes. When a project is checked out for editing an email is sent to project administrators to help them keep track of who is working on a design.

Component Sourcing

Identify component sourcing issues earlier in the design process. The BOM view in Connect now includes the ability to search component sourcing information powered by Findchips.com. Findchips search enables the ability to quickly check stock and pricing on your BOM components.


How it works

Findchips search requires the components in your BOM to include manufacturer part number information. Since each organization may use different property names to represent the manufacturer part number the first step is to configure the Connect BOM table.

From your project's BOM view, select the BOM configuration icon located in the top right corner of the BOM table.

Check the Enable Findchips search option box in the configuration panel.

Using the dropdown, select the BOM property that represents the component's manufacturer part number and select Done. Your project's BOM view is now enabled to use Findchips search.

When you hover over a component in the BOM table the proprty that represents manufacturer part number will now include a selection for Findchips.

Selecting the Findchips command will perform a quick search and return the first supplier's inventory level and pricing. Selecting the Buy Now button will open the supplier's website in a new browser tab.

Select the Show more link in the top right corner to see the full set of search results. Filters allow you to narrow your results down to only preferred suppliers, only suppliers with desired stock, and only suppiers with an exact part number match.

Note: If your design data includes manufacturer part number information but it's not showing in your Connect BOM view, you'll need to configure PADS Pro to include the property when generating BOM data. See this article on how to customize your BOMs in Connect.

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