Tabeo is software that helps businesses accept innovative payment methods. In the UK, we currently support 3 payment forms: Pay Over Time, Care Plans and Pay Anywhere.

‘Pay Over Time’: Instead of paying in one lump sum upfront, you pay in easy monthly payments at no extra cost. For example, if you need to pay £1,800 for your dentist treatment, instead of making one payment, you pay in 12 equal payments of £150. You select the date you want to pay –simply pick one of three payment dates, whichever suits you best. If you want to repay early, in part or full, no problem. You can do this easily online, any time and at no extra cost.

‘Care Plans’: It works like a gym membership. Instead of paying for a service every time you use it, you make smaller monthly payments that cover pre-agreed services supplied by a business. Ask you dentist and vet about Care Plans.

‘Pay Anywhere’: It's the simplest, and often cheapest, way for local businesses to accept card payments. We even support Apple Pay.

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