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I'm healthy and don't take any medications
I'm healthy and don't take any medications
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Buy a high-deductible Bronze plan with low premiums. Consider using an HSA.


We look for ways to try to help you minimize your total cost for the year:

Total Cost = Premiums + Cost of Care

Many people get overwhelmed trying to “shop” for health insurance because it's hard to try to factor in unknowns: “what if I get sick or in an accident?”

At Take Command Health, we've studied this a lot and can apply some data science: Statistically, over 75% of your costs in the next year are predictable based on your known needs. The odds of you having a catastrophic accident or developing a a chronic disease are <1%.

In that case, what really drives costs, and therefore your plan choice, are the things you already know you'll need: prescriptions, doctors visits, therapy, medical equipment, etc. If you’re healthy your expected needs are probably close to $0. Note: Even if you have some expected costs, we'd consider anyone with less than $1500-$2000 in known costs a year to be "healthy".

Choosing a plan is then all about balancing savings now (premiums) and savings when you need care. If you're healthy, we recommend definitely saving now with lower premiums and risk paying a little more if you need care. Yes, it stinks if you get sick or injured and have to pay more to see a doctor, but the amount you're saving each month will almost always outweigh the occasional costs.

If you do have a catastrophic event, you're protected by your plan's max-out-of-pocket limit. If you do the math on the most you'd have to pay in a year (worst case scenario cost = premium x 12 + max-out-of-pocket limit), Bronze plans perform the same or better as the expensive Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.

One quick note on deductibles--some people are scared of high deductible plans. Don't be. Remember, your preventive care is covered at no cost. You can also use our membership plan to help manage costs--for example, using tele-medicine to get a prescription for minor stuff costs our members $0 and saves time, hassle, and a $200 trip to the doctor on a high deductible plan.

In summary, if you're healthy, take the definite the premium savings and risk the occasional higher cost of care expense. The data and statistics are on your side and you can do some smart things to mitigate your risks. The lowest premium plans in your area are almost always the high-deductible Bronze plans.

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