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Should I have my spouse and children on separate plans?
Should I have my spouse and children on separate plans?
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In most cases, being on the same plan as your spouse and children will be the simplest solution. However, if you have a family member with a chronic condition requiring specialty doctors, or specific long-term medications, you may be better off getting separate plans. Before you opt to add your spouse and children to your plan consider the following things:

  • Doctors and Specialists: Are your spouse and children’s doctors covered under your plan?

  • Medications: Do you have a family member who requires specific chronic medications that might be more costly on one plan than another?

  • Savings: Could you actually save money by choosing a different plan for your spouse and children?

  • Retired Public Education Employee? If you are retired teacher, Teacher Retirement System (TRS) has health care coverage options available. It is often the best choice to use TRS for you, and move your family to a different plan due to the often high cost of adding family members to TRS insurance.

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