Should I get dental insurance?
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Dental insurance is now typically separate from health insurance and it’s almost always a bad deal! Traditional dental insurance only works if someone (like a company) is helping you pay for it. Otherwise, if you take the time to read the fine print, you’ll realize that with waiting periods, maximum limits, and exclusions, it’s very hard to get more out of your dental insurance than you put in. We compare it to an expensive layaway plan or pawn shop where they hold your money, charge you interest and fees, and then give you a little bit back when you visit the dentist.

We recommend discount dental plans over traditional insurance. Discount plans are not insurance, they are similar to club memberships. You pay an annual fee and you get access to the same dentists and same rates as people who purchase traditional dental. There are many plans and it’s easy to find one that your dentist works with. An annual membership costs the same as about 2 months of dental insurance.

Note: You may be required to get pediatric dental insurance for dependents under 19. We recommend taking the minimum plan the carrier offers (usually at no cost) and then finding a discount plan with your preferred dentist.

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