Savings come primarily from plan optimization. When you choose a small group plan, you're locking employees into a one-size-fits all situation with one doctor network, one drug formulary, and a few plan designs.

With a QSEHRA, employees have access to many more options. We'll help them discover the best plan that fits their unique needs. Everyone gets what they want and you pay less!

If you decide you're tired of trying to figure out insurance for your employees and are ready to try a "defined contribution" strategy with the QSEHRA, you want to make sure the time and hassles you're saving aren't replaced by having to deal with the QSEHRA.  That's where Take Command Health's new small business platform can help. We'll handle all the accounting and legal legwork, take care of onboarding each of your employees, and make tax-time easy and painless. You'll never have to hassle with receipts or worry about setting up a health plan again. Trust us, it's easier than you think.

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