Downloading Your Reimbursement Statement for Gusto

Great news: We've made it really easy for you to reimburse your employees on Gusto!

When your automatic reimbursement statement is ready, we'll e-mail you to let you know to log in and download a copy of your statement. Now you can download your reimbursement statement as a CSV in the exact format you need to upload it directly into your Gusto payroll.

This CSV will provide both taxable and tax-free reimbursement amounts on a CSV you can upload directly to Gusto. 

Uploading Reimbursement Info in Gusto

Once you’ve downloaded the CSV, log in to your Gusto member portal. You will see one of the two screens below depending on the version you're running. On the navigation menu to the left, click Run payroll, then click Run Regular Payroll in the middle of your screen:

Click Upload CSV in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Click Select File and choose the Reimbursement Statement CSV you downloaded from the Member Portal (or drag & drop it into the box), then click “Upload CSV.”

Note: You may have to add columns if you fall under the following situations:

  • SSN is required if there are multiple employees with the same name

  • Title is required if there are multiple pay rates

Verify that the reimbursement amounts are correct, then finish submitting your payroll normally.

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