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Can I submit a medical expense claim larger than my HRA monthly allowance?
Can I submit a medical expense claim larger than my HRA monthly allowance?

Can I be paid for a large medical expense over several months?

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The good news is that you can submit expenses that are bigger than your monthly allowance! 

When you submit a claim that is larger than your monthly allowance, you can be reimbursed for that expense over several months. Even better, you only need to submit that claim one time! When you submit the claim, we enter the full amount of funds to be reimbursed over time. We will track how much of it has been paid out and how much you are owed. Each month, as your allowance is unlocked, it will be applied towards your large bill.

Jane Smith is entitled to $300 per month in tax-free health reimbursements. Her company has set up the HRA to reimburse her for both monthly premiums and additional medical expenses. Her monthly premium is only $150 per month, but she submitted a $1,500 bill after an appointment with a specialist. Each month, after her premium is reimbursed, the additional $150 will be applied toward reimbursing her for that large out-of-pocket bill from the specialist. 

Another way to look at it is that Take Command Health will automatically max out the $300 per month reimbursement allowance on Jane's employer's report.

Also, note that if Jane does not submit that large bill, the $150 unclaimed amount each month would roll over and accumulate to be used in the future. Read more about that here!

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