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How do I upload an updated proof of coverage?
How do I upload an updated proof of coverage?

What can I upload, and where do I upload it?

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In order to be eligible for reimbursements through your company's HRA, you must have qualified health insurance coverage. 

In order to ensure your company's compliance with the HRA guidelines, there are 3 instances when we'll ask you to provide proof of your qualified health insurance plan:

  1. When you first onboard onto our platform to get started with your company's QSEHRA or ICHRA

  2. Each compliance period, either quarterly or annually (check your member portal to see when the next compliance check is!)

  3. Anytime your coverage changes

Compliance Frequency

If your company has annual compliance checks, we will request an updated proof of coverage for January 1st. If your company has quarterly compliance checks, we will request an updated proof of coverage for January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.

What to provide:

Here is a reminder of what documents you can submit as proof of coverage. In order to be compliant, we will need to see a document or combination of documents with all of the following information:

  • Your name - (the name of the HRA-eligible person -- regardless if you are the primary insured or a dependent)

  • The premium amount - (if you are claiming it for reimbursement)

  • A current date - (a document dated within the last 30 days is considered current for compliance purposes)

  • The name of the plan + provider - (ie: Gold/Silver/Bronze 1234 with Insurance Company’s logo)

While it is our preference to have all of the above information on one document, we realize that is not always possible. Multiple documents are acceptable as long at the combination of documents provides all of the above information we are asking for.

Where & How to Upload a New Proof of Coverage

You can upload a new proof of coverage through your member portal in the Health Insurance section.

Then go to Edit in the top right hand corner:

Let us know what type of plan you have:

Who the carrier of your plan is (this is only necessary if you have an individual health insurance plan):

Select your Tax Credit information:

Let us know who the plan is for, how much the premium is, and the dates that the plan is in effect. Note: if you do not want to be reimbursed for the premium amount, put $0.00 into the premium field.

Upload your new proof of coverage. You can drag and drop the document right onto the webpage, or click browse to find it in a folder on your computer!

After uploading your updated Proof of Coverage, click continue. This will send the information to our Compliance team for review! They will send you an e-mail letting you know if your document was approved or if we need additional information before approval.

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