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How do I set up my monthly premium as a recurring expense?
How do I set up my monthly premium as a recurring expense?

Where and how do I submit my premium?

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Once you submit proof of your insurance coverage for us to verify that your plan is eligible for reimbursement, you can submit your monthly premium as a recurring expense. That means you won't have to submit your premium to us every month! Instead, we'll set it up to automatically be applied to your reimbursement amount each month, and we will only ask for new evidence either quarterly or annually depending on how your benefit is set up.

What to provide for proof of your premium

If you are setting up a recurring premium claim for 2023, we MUST see a 2023 date on the document you provide, so we can verify your premium amount in the new year. Even if you are on the same plan as the previous year, as part of our review process, we need evidence of the amount in the current year. Additionally, if you are looking to have your coverage backdated in our system, we will need additional documentation showing your account has been active and in good standing dating back to when you are claiming.

The base requirements for documentation are as follows (multiple documents can be submitted if they are needed to fulfill our requirements, but it is recommended that you combine them into a single PDF before uploading):

Your name - (the name of the HRA-eligible person- If you are not the primary insured then we will need to see that you are a covered dependent.)

The premium amount - (if you are claiming it for reimbursement)

Statement of backdated coverage – (if you are claiming any premiums from past months)

A current date - (a document dated within the last 30 days is considered current for compliance purposes.)

The name of the plan + provider- (i.e. Gold/Silver/Bronze 1234 with Insurance Companies Logo)

Here are some good examples of what you can provide for proof of your monthly premium:

· Monthly bill from your insurance company

· Screenshot showing billing history (if you are trying to backdate)

· Screenshot from your online portal with your insurance company showing your premium amount and due date

· A paystub (if your premium is paid through a spouse's group plan)

· Benefits Election Form from (spouse's group plan)

How to submit proof of your premium

When you're logged into your member portal, in your Dashboard click "Add Monthly Premium."

Once the window above opens, you'll choose the date range of when the premium should be claimed and the frequency. To select the dates of coverage, click the starting month and ending month! Frequency depends on how often you pay your premium. It's usually monthly, but if you are insured through your spouse's employer's group plan it may be paid bi-weekly.

You'll then be able to upload a document for our compliance team to review. This document should fulfill the requirements above, and the preferred formats are PDF, PNG, and JPG/JPEG.

Once that's submitted, our compliance team will review it and get back to you with a decision, or if they need additional information for review.

If you are still having issues with this process, please feel free to reach out to our Support team by either emailing or reaching out through the chat icon on the bottom right-hand corner of our site.

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